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Putin takes control of wildfire crisis 2010

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has ordered a total of 5 billion rubles ($165 million) to be disbursed from the federal budget to the central Russian areas worst affected by wildfires, his spokesman said on Friday. Continue reading Putin takes control of wildfire crisis 2010

E.P.A. Considers Risks of Gas FRACKING

–need to check with local groups here.. can we just lend support, reports, and fact-checking on these things??

Published: July 23, 2010

ME: fracking causes human health, widllife health, externality and clearn environemtnal destruction. DUH!!!

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Big Oil Makes War on the Earth

Ellen Cantarow

If you live on the Gulf Coast, welcome to the real world of oil — and just know that you’re not alone.  In the Niger Delta and the Ecuadorian Amazon, among other places, your emerging hell has been the living hell of local populations for decades. Continue reading Big Oil Makes War on the Earth

The World's Biggest Environmental Crisis Flows on

the oil spill is nothing!

bill mckibben

So — whew — the bleeding seems finally to have been staunched, three months after BP stabbed its hole in the bottom of the sea.

It’s disgusting that it took that long to stitch it up, but there’s every sign that after the first few weeks everyone was working it, stat. BP tried “junk shot” and “top kill,” skimming ships and low risers; the feds went with daily briefings, multiple Cabinet secretaries, retired admirals. Some 17,500 National Guardsmen, 1,900 ships. Twenty billion dollars. “From the beginning,” said the president, “we have worked to deploy every tool at our disposal to respond to this crisis.”

Which was only right—every day that passed saw more oil spew into the Gulf. Time was of the essence.

But here’s the thing: Over that same period, if you add up all the carbon being burned in all the cars and factories and power plants, we had the equivalent of at least 5,000 Deepwater Horizons pouring carbon into the atmosphere, every minute of every day in every corner of the world. You couldn’t see it—CO2 is invisible. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less of an emergency. In fact, during the three months the spill was leaking:

* A host of federal agencies announced that the planet’s temperature was higher than in any six-month period we’ve yet observed. April, May, and June—the spill months—were the warmest April, May, and June on record, all over the world. Last month in Pakistan, they measured an all-time Asia temperature record: 129 degrees. (I can set my oven for 129 degrees).

* Scientists reported that higher ocean temperatures—all around the world—were killing off the coral reefs that harbor a quarter of the sea’s life at a record pace. In the words of a federal researcher, “this is a really huge event and we are going to see a lot of corals dying.

* Record rainfall and flooding events—of the kind tied directly to climate change by every climate model—claimed scores of lives around the world. Some, ironically, were close to the Gulf: in Nashville, in Arkansas, in Oklahoma City, along the Texas/Mexico border. But there was no live webcam, so the stories passed in a day or two. Continue reading The World's Biggest Environmental Crisis Flows on

Congress refuses clean energy, grrr




Robert Redford

Actor, Director, and Environmental Activist

Posted: July 27, 2010 10:13 AM

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A small minority of Senators robbed America of a cleaner, more prosperous future last week. In the middle of the biggest oil disaster in American history, the hottest summer on record, and a war with an oil-rich nation, this group of cynics blocked efforts to pass comprehensive energy and climate legislation. This was the moment brimming with potential for new jobs, a more robust economy and cleaner environment — this bill would have guided America down a profoundly safer and more productive path.

So therefore, the Senate is left to vote on an anemic energy bill of such remarkably limited scope that it could have been passed during the Bush era.

The elected officials who steered this turnaround have abdicated their responsibility to uphold our nation’s best interests, and have shown us, and the world, an America woefully deficient in both leadership and ingenuity.

This was our moment to create two million clean energy jobs here in the United States. This was our moment to outpace China in the clean energy market that will dominate the 21st century. This was our time to slash our oil imports in half. This was our time to confront the perils of climate change, which despite head-in-the sand-denial, is in fact happening.

The American people wanted a home run, not a bunt. A recent CNN poll found that nearly 80 percent of voters believe that reducing oil use and shifting to cleaner energy would make life better for Americans, while a Wall Street Journal poll in June found that an overwhelming majority of people specifically support passing legislation to limit global warming pollution.

Yet a handful of politicians decided they didn’t want to represent the will of the people. Given the chance to invest in American jobs and reduce dangerous pollution, they chose instead, to focus on their own interest and self-preservation.

The Republican Senate leadership has fought against every clean energy and climate measure simply because their political opponents were for it. This was the most shameful partisanship I have seen in my lifetime. We all know who really loses when GOP leaders block progress: American citizens. The economic recession and climate change don’t care which party you are in — they will make life harder for everyone until we put the right solutions in place.

But the GOP wasn’t the only force acting on its own behalf. A handful of moderate Democrats were so worried about being tarred by the Tea Party or losing reelection campaigns that they failed to show their support for clean energy and climate legislation — even those who are on record saying that we must fight global warming. When elected officials act as bystanders to a crisis, they reveal their deep cowardice.

We can’t forget that Big Oil and Big Coal reached deep into their pockets to inspire politicians to block climate action. Their undue influence in our nation’s politics has once again placed the desires of polluters above the interests of all Americans.

Stronger leadership from the White House could have helped burst through political obstructions. President Obama has certainly done more than any other president to advance clean energy, yet he never seemed to roll up his sleeves, bring lawmakers to the table, and work to rally the American public behind it. If he thought his move earlier this year to approve new offshore oil drilling for the first time in decades would pay off last week in the form of GOP support for this bill, I guess he got his answer.

This is one of the many times when average citizens may be ahead of our leaders. All of us who want to generate jobs, reduce hazardous pollution, and strengthen our nation’s security need to make our voices heard. We should praise those senators who represented our best interests and hold accountable those who looked out only for their own.

I remember the last time our nation came this close to embracing clean energy — back in the late 1970s. I hope my children don’t have to wait another 35 years to seize the moment once again, because that moment, that opportunity might not be there.

Bankster – Corporate – Politicians I

(see also  below)

Doc Holliday said, “My hypocrisy knows no bounds” in the movie Tombstone. The same apparently is true for our current crop of Bankster Politicians, many of whom today voted against extending unemployment benefits even after they voted in 2008 for a bank bailout.

Yes, these Corporate Communists not only voted for billion dollar bailouts for companies that were about to fail due to their own terrible decisions, but then subsequently have done nothing to prevent the ongoing and future theft. By destroying this very tenet of capitalism — that the losers actually lose so that new ideas, people, companies can become winners — they have now crippled our economy and kept millions out of work.

Now when faced with giving a pittance of support to many of the same people tossed from employment by their cronyism, they have all of a sudden found ideology. Of course, considering that many of these Bankster Politicians are going to lose their jobs for this, they will try to make excuses like the following:

Unemployment needs to be paid for out of current spending!
And for some reason the bank bailouts did not? But even letting bygones be bygones, I have a suggestion — let’s use clawbacks to pay for unemployment, considering this financial crisis (a) was caused by these people and (b) is why there are no jobs.

But unemployment pays people not to work!
Well, bailing out these banks is even worse — it’s the government literally paying people ungodly sums to destroy our country. Like I’ve said before, there’s a reason why banking is an unpaid job in Monopoly — it is basically a utility rendered unprofitable by modern technology. These bailed-out banks are dangerous casinos gambling with the well-being of America, and America is losing.

Mind you, I don’t even agree with the current unemployment program in this country. I believe people should have to volunteer for a non-profit for 10-20 hours a week to qualify for unemployment. However, our vote-loving politicians like to keep their jobs by giving future generation’s money away for nothing in return.

TARP was to keep people working!
Really? Well then it’s done a terrible job of keeping people working, because unemployment is actually getting worse. The only place it’s actually saved “us” is in the imaginary crony-ist utopia of those who benefited. Their jobs plan is a lucky few of you cleaning the pools built with their $145 billion in 2010 bonuses.

TARP was just a loan and has been paid back, with interest!
I suggest you all familiarize yourselves with THE BIG TARP LIE… and make sure the politicians and media that continue to spout it become familiar as well.

Continue reading Bankster – Corporate – Politicians I

Glowing algae turn Australian lakes electric blue

Glowing algae turn Australian lakes electric blue

Maggie Koerth-Baker at 7:03 PM Monday, Jul 19, 2010

shiny! .jpg

This time-lapse photo was taken in eastern Victoria, Australia, and features Noctiluca Scintillans, a type of algae that naturally produces a light-emitting chemical reaction. You can’t see it during the day, but, at night, the algae glow electric blue, illuminating portions of the shoreline where wind pushed the blooms during the day.

Call it Mother Nature’s little light-switch rave.

The backstory of this algae outbreak is every bit as interesting as the photos themselves. As told by photographer Phil Hart, this infestation of shiny is the direct result of (in this exact order) raging forest fires, massive floods and a potentially deadly outbreak of Cyanobacteria. Epic!

Check out Phil Hart’s full gallery of Noctiluca Scintillans photos.

Incipient disaster: China's 3 Gorges Dam

good for a long narrative time-story.. what did this cost in PEOPLE, environment, then destruction…?

see’CRACKS IN DAM’ after’more’

Record water levels test China’s giant dam

By the CNN Wire Staff//

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Record water levels test China’s giant dam

By the CNN Wire Staff//

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// ]]>July 23, 2010 — Updated 1922 GMT (0322 HKT

China: cracks in the Three Gorges Dam, so 300,000 people can wave goodbye to their homes

Continue reading Incipient disaster: China's 3 Gorges Dam

Disabled oil rig alarm points to human failures in Gulf oil spill

V: BLOG: CONVERGENT CAUSATION< TIPPING POINT< THRESHOLD< OCMPLEXITY – signaling problems, checks and balances, regulation…

As investigators probe the Deepwater Horizon oil rig accident, it’s becoming clearer that human decisions regarding key safety equipment were part of the nation’s largest oil spill.

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An explosion on April 20 aboard the Deepwater Horizon, a drilling rig working for oil giant BP, led to the largest oil spill in US history. A disabled fire alarm and critical gas venting systems set to “bypass” likely became part of a complex web of human errors that contributed to the accident


Continue reading Disabled oil rig alarm points to human failures in Gulf oil spill