About DailyDisaster

We at DailyDisaster believe that disasters of almost any scale can be survivable with foresight, planning, cooperation and coordination.

We are confident in humanity’s ability to come together in crisis and use the lessons we have learned — and will continue to learn — from experience, from science and from nature to prepare for, prevent and recover from calamity.

Our aim is as follows:

  1. coordinate and centralise reporting of disaster-specific news
  2. coordinate and centralise science reporting relevant to (1).
  3. analyse the commonalities and system problems in preparedness and response as distillable from (1).
  4. develop potential solutions to the problems identified in (3) potentially involving strategies or tactics derived from exposure to (2).
  5. encourage and develop a community to assist in (1) – (4).
  6. provide a centralized means for the internet public of obtaining disaster-preparedness equipment relevant to the types of disasters they are likely to face
  7. Develop region-specific pre-compiled disaster preparedness kits available automatically to readers via geolocation services
  8. create region- and type-specific support groups and give them a forum to form communication and reaction networks, increase awareness among region residents of the type of disaster they might face, and provide or facilitate a means for crowdsourcing disaster preparedness and response.
  9. create cellphone apps to support member use of (8).
  10. encourage and develop the community to assist in (6) – (9).

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